Plastic screws for battery cover.

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Plastic screws for battery cover.

Postby scooterman45 » Wed Jun 21, 2006 19:17 19

The outside body cover that covers the battery is held on by plastic screws which can be removed for battery service. Yamaha needs to find a better screw then plastic screws.

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Postby scooterman45 » Wed Sep 13, 2006 13:14 13

I went to my local dealer to buy the two plastic screws for the cover and my dealer said they would cost .50 cents each and would have to order them. Yamaha's service center told me I could get same thing at a local screw and bolt store. Does anyone know where online I can order them from?

Thanks, Scooterman
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WHY Plastic Screws

Postby Wayne Warmack » Sat Jan 20, 2007 20:56 20

Yes! Plastic screws! I noticed that when I installed the touring screen. And they screw into rubber grommets or something, one of which popped out and disappeared inside the cowl. I haven't had a chance yet to dig around in there for it, but intend to when the weather gets less frigid. Why do they use these plastic and rubber fasteners? If they get lost, can't we just replace them with metal ones? I bought my Maj 400 in Novemember 06 and it's been too cold ever since to do much tinkering with with it (no garage). I know I have a lot to discover and learn about my scoot this spring.

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Postby Larry Newman » Sat Jan 20, 2007 23:50 23

Battery Cover:

These are plastic push rivets, meant to be reusable, but are a real pain to order. They cannot be found at an auto parts store...the ones there look identical, but the diameter or length is wrong.

The rivets also tend to wear out after 5-10 insertions. If they fail,or are installed sloppily,your battery cover goes south...

I ordered a few spares from Yamaha Parts Online, which cost a fortune after adding shipping.

There has to be a better way. The problem is that it is a blind application, and goes into a plastic hole. Perhaps a folded metal push-on insert might allow using a regular screw similar to body panel screws.


The plastic screw/rubber grommet system is a safety feature, making the screen break-away so it doesn't take your head off in an over-the-bars fall. Leave these alone and get a couple of spares.
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Postby Ishabaka » Wed May 16, 2007 6:52 06

AS for the battery cover screws one of mine was broken from the dealer leaving the plastic panel hanging cockeyed!
What I did was - found some sheet metal screws that were slightly bigger than the mounting holes in the plastic panel and carefully tapped the plastic mounts with them (screw in 1/2 turn, back out 1/4 turn until done).
Now I can undo the screws by hand with a socket and 6" extension and the plastic panel WILL NOT come off by itself.
My wife's Honda Civic Hybrid has the same darn fasteners on an under-chassis plastic cover designed to make the car more aerodynamic and 1/3rd. of them have broken after 4 oil changes. Gonna buy a dozen at Honda. It hate those crummy things. Note to manufacturers: use real nuts, bolts or screws. No more of these self-destructing fasteners.
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Battery cover rivits

Postby fast400racer » Sat Feb 16, 2008 17:57 17

Mine came off from road vibration from the dealer,I bought a used 2005 and when i got home the cowling covering my battery was gone!!! The dealer ordered me a new one for free and while putting it on I noticed how un user freindly that whole set up is,you may or may not be fasting the thing securley to the back of your machine,Im thinking of tapping the holes out with a metal screw and modifying the design
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Battery cover rivets.

Postby steve13061 » Sat Mar 29, 2008 7:44 07

they are not screws actually...they are plastic rivets...and I broke several of them while taking the plate off a few times to hook up outlet for my tomtom. They come in a package of 1 each...I bought 8...haha...and only have 3 left...they ARE NOT available locally...they break very easily. Cost is about .50-.60 each.
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Postby gruntled » Sat Mar 29, 2008 12:30 12

My battery cover also fell off. I did not get a free one & those things are expensive. Now I can't get those push pins out to get the cover off to get to the battery. The whole getup stinks. :angry4: I don't recall what the pins cost but it was more than the 50 or 60 cents mentioned.
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Postby The Hermit » Sat Mar 29, 2008 23:01 23

I have had the same problem with the cover. After removing the push pins they don't seem to hold as well. Kept trying to loose the cover. So I put in two sheet metal screws. Its a pain when you have to remove the cover as you have to go into the back part of the seat compartment with a nut driver but I don't worry about loosing the cover anymore.
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Postby ShalomYoseph » Sat Apr 05, 2008 16:17 16

I noticed recently that my battery cover was coming loose. I happen to have some masonry screws that were almost the right size for the hole, and the perfect length. I had to file out the hole very slightly, but they screw in easily with a slotted screwdriver, and the cover is rock solid now. Just be careful not to over tighten as the plastic probably won't appreciate it.

p.s. I've thought about maybe filling the space behind the holes in the cover with wood putty or something like that to give the screws a little more to grab. Any opinions on that?
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Battery cover screws

Postby doddgary » Sun Apr 06, 2008 16:32 16

1. Just having replaced my battery (Apex $64), I am glad to hear a dialogue about the screws for the battery cover.
2. Mine were not plastic, but metal, probably because I took a spill on mine and had to replace $1400 worth of plastic (I lived with 3 other places having scratches to save another $1000).
3. I assume, based on the what people are saying, that the shop had trouble with it and just replaced the screws with the ones that I have; they do not tighted down, when you screw them in, they just keep spinning when they get to the end.
4. Since the battery cover snaps on and holds before you even put the screws in, I'm afraid I wouldn't notice if the screws were working themselves loose, because if they were out completely, I wouldn't know it until the cover bounced off.
5. So, I was wondering whether to get screws a little bigger and simply "self-tap" a slightly larger screw in.
6. If the screws that the shop put in had threads all the way to the head, I wouldn't have to do that; I probably won't do anything other than just check occasionally to see if the screws are coming out, and there hasn't been a problem in over a year and thousands of miles since the wreck.
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Postby ronnath » Sun Oct 26, 2008 9:22 09

i noticed a couple of you said you could not get those rivets locally. well, if you have a honda dealer in the area they should be available there. honda used them for the battery and cvt covers on the reflex.

BUT, even if you can find them there, they ain't cheap. i think i paid about 50 cents apiece for them.
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Postby Blexcroid » Mon Oct 27, 2008 5:59 05

The Burgman also uses the plastic body poppers and they are .99 each!!!! The cheapest I've found them online is .75 USD. Highway Robbery!

I'll probably drill mine out and gue a metal threaded sleeve so I can use standard screws without the fear of stripping the plastic. :D
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Postby happypuppy » Mon Oct 27, 2008 8:15 08

I just them to the hardware store and got some self tapping screws a little larger size, they work fine.
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screw loose on battery cover

Postby doddgary » Fri Jul 17, 2009 16:06 16

Back three years ago the dealer put in some screws that I mentioned in a previous thread, and I noticed one had come out, augh! (even though the cover was not loose).

I went to Lowes and was going to find a nut small enough to fit, glue it in the "sheath", then have a nice arrangement for future.

They didn't have any nuts small enough, and rather than go to the hardware store I got a plasitic 1/4 x 1 inch screws and metal machine metric screws to try.

In the wood screws 12 was to small now (Ithink that is what was used previous), and the 14 was too big.

I used the plastic (wanted to use the 1/2 length, but if it was going to work itself out, I wanted to have the longer one in.

Like the other screw, it did not snug up, but hopefully there is enough resistence there that it will hold ( the other held up for almost 3 years).

I was reading where someone had replaced the philips head screws for the body panels for replacing the filters with hex head sscrews so it would be easier in the future, sounds like a great idea; I will address that next spring or maybe before winter.

I have 18K on mine now and I don't intend to do the belt yet, and the brakes, I asked on this site about how to check, since there was no picture, I can't tell where the "groove" is that indicated replacement time.'

While I'm blathering: I could buy a new Tmax for $6200 (I think) from a place going out of business, which I might have done at the beginning of the summer, but now I am really happy (again) with the Majesty. It is all I need for 85% of what I do. Most of what I do can be done with a 250cc but I love being able to get on the expressway and cruise at 80 mph with little vibration and get 55 mpg.

That being said, if money wasn't tight now with house repairs and work extra work drying up, the Tmax would be fun.
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3. Yamaha passenger back rest
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Re: Plastic screws for battery cover.

Postby tiredofbs4 » Tue Jul 29, 2014 16:32 16

Any suggestions on where can find the plastic cowling covering battery? Mine flew away
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