Corbin Smuggler

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Corbin Smuggler

Postby Makuna » Sun Sep 23, 2007 13:05 13

Smuggler Photos

Note: Other posts descibe the installation in detail and I will refrain from adding more than just a few tips or differences from their posts.

With fall and winter coming, and with my desire to continue to use my Majesty as my comuting vehical in all but the worst weather (pretty much snow, ice, or high winds for me); I needed to add more weather resistant storage to my Majesty.

My requirements and options were pretty open.
    With all my riding being solo, I wasn't really interesting in saving the back seat. Further, with the weight limit on the Majesty, my passenger would have to be pretty light to even safely be able to ride with me.
    I wanted weather tight, hard sided, lockable container.
    I wanted something that looked descent and not like I was towing an over inflated party balloon.
    It must be able to store not only a small visit to the grocery store, but also a laptop computer.

After a few months of looking around at different options, I concluded that the Corbin Smuggler would work for me pretty well; but the price was painful to accept. But you normally pay for what you get so I just accepted it and put it on order.

The order site allows to pick the year and color of the scooter for supposedly better color matching. Further, it allows selection of materials for the non painted surface back rest.

When the first one arrived, it was very poorly boxed, and was miss manufactured (the mounting holes were not present or hidden under carpet), and one of the molded in nuts that retain the mounting pins (they are bolts but act like pins) was loose under the carpet and was not molded in. The back rest wasn't the material I specified and the color was not even close. I contacted Corbin (don't email, call, they do not answer email at all, took a week to find this out) and got a return number and they setup FedEx ground to pick it up from me on a specific day. This turned out to be a nightmare and see further details on this at the bottom.

When the second one arrived, the backrest material was still not what I specificed, and the color still wasn't even close. But in all other ways it seemed fine. So I contacted Corbin and found out that you CAN"T SPECIFY THE MATERIAL FOR THE BACKREST, even though the web-site has the options, those options are for the Seat not the Smuggler (even though they are listed under the Smuggler). Further, they have a disclaimer about exact color match (which I read before) that states batch variances will effect final color outcome.

Installation went ok. They key things are use the stock centering washers for the L-Bracket mount (as stated in their instructions if you got them). This placed the holes at the right height so I did not have to drill them out. There was a little nudging to get it to sit correctly over the mount though. Another installation hint is to use two pins (small 1/4 rod, allen tool) to temporarily allign the Smuggler on the mount (the mount gets hidden and only the hole through the nut gives you a clue about alignment). Then replace one pin at a time with the provided bolts.

Once mounted, the paint differences were VERY obvious. The smuggler is very dark (charcoal silver) compared to the Majesty (champagne silver).

The backrest on the Smuggler interfered with the opening and closing of the seat. Its pretty bad and will soon damage either the seat or the backrest; as you have to tug to get the seat open and wedge the seat down to close it. But since it doesn't match my seat material, I will remove it or get it recovered (and thined up).

I went for a ride the next day to see if it effected the ride. It did, to the better. I found most if not all buffeting at 65mph had disapeared! This was GREAT. Further I actually could feel the backrest and find it usefull; although I don't really need it and when I do get it thinned up I probably won't feel it again.

In the end the Smuggler does do what I wanted. It holds alot, its weather proof, it locks, it looks better than other options even with the off paint (most other options are black plastic). I wish it didn't interfere with the seat but I can solve that. But, for the price, I expected much better quality, much better fit, and much better customer service (or at least less issues in the first place as in the end the right things happened).

Would I do it again? Maybe, as there isn't another option even in the same league of style that the Smuggler has.

Return Nightmare details:
FedEx didn't come the day they stated, the day I took off from work to be there and get a few things around the house done. They did come the next day when I was back at work. The second attempt they stated they came but they didn't (again, another lost vaction day).
After the second attempt by them to pick up the returning seat, I called FedEx and they stated I could drop it off at one of their service centers. When I tried, they stated at the service center that for the return pickups, YOU MUST BE AT HOME, you can't drop it, and they won't grab the package without you being present either. I called Corbin, got another pickup request scheduled and Corbin callled me back to confirm the date and FedEx failed again to come. This being my THIRD vacation day taken, I had to get irate at Corbin to get them to find another solution; which was pay for the return myself with them paying me back for the shipping. The whole thing was frustrating and the missinformation between Crobin and FedEx on multiple accounts was terrible.
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Postby ron.cieri » Thu Jan 03, 2008 17:01 17

I like the overall look it give the bike too!
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Postby HerMajesty09 » Fri Nov 14, 2008 20:27 20

I am thinking about the smugglers trunk also. I do have a question. I was wondering do you have the seat adjusted to the full foward position? And do you think it would still rub if it was? Please let me know. I cannot find anything else out there that looks as good as this.
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Postby Makuna » Fri Nov 14, 2008 23:13 23

My seat is adjusted to the full back postion, I think moving to even the middle postion would clear the back rest and stop all rubbing.
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    Givi Touring Windscreen
    Garmin G320 GPS
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Postby Blexcroid » Sat Nov 15, 2008 7:15 07

The dark charcoal colour realy looks nice on it. :D
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Re: Corbin Smuggler

Postby Cynigal » Thu Jun 14, 2012 15:40 15

Thank you for your review. Long ago when I read it I had my concerns about the Smuggler but I loved the way it changed the lines of your ride. I elected for a ride-in service thinking they could better match the paint if I did that. Well, they don't do anything different for paint match when you ride in. You just tell them the make, model, year and color of your ride and they have some code they use. I am still so surprised how well the trunk came out. Only if I'm looking for it and in the right light can I see a difference in mine. There may be a very tiny small purplish tone to their blue but other than that it matches perfectly. It looks like it came stock with the bike. I LOVE my Smuggler.

Oh yeah, they let me choose the fabric for the back rest. Perhaps it's because I got a custom saddle too. They matched the back pad to the saddle. I can use my saddle in any position from all the way forward to all the way back and it opens fine with the Smuggler. I *do* wish my arms were longer though. Now if I set the seat all the way back I can lean back onto the Smuggler and it feels like I'm riding a chopper :D it's extremely comfortable.

I couldn't figure out how to post pictures but I was able to turn a pic into an avatar and I'm using it in my profile.

Thanks for your well-written review.
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