Seat comfort, and raising riding height

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Seat comfort, and raising riding height

Postby Cal2wheels » Thu May 11, 2017 23:52 23

First I went to the local Cycle Gear, and you can get a Speedmetal seat pad, but there is a cheaper one for this double project report. I bought a wide one to fit my Majesty about seat width, often for sale around $25. It looks like a plastic bunch of firm coiled filaments, like an afro in a cushion !! Stop here if you just want a bit more comfort, the Velcro straps fit perfectly under the Majestys seat. Small raise, but worth the price in cushion.

If you want it higher, slit it crossways under the back side, carefully. Then trace some 1/4 in or thinner firm foam sheets to fit inside and carefully place under the springy stuff. I cut a marine seat cushion open for the sheets it had several sheets of sheet foam, just be sure they are firm so you get the amount of raise desired. After you pack the cushion, put a strip of Gorilla Tape to close the cut. Simple and allows your butt to slide back over close to 2 inches, and up by about an inch or so. This is a definite knee room improvement for taller riders, and makes hot seat summer days easier. Helps those with aftermarket hip joints, ah yep !!

Now, your helmet is also higher for clearer air flow, and the raise with set back allows my long legs (42 X 32 jeans ) to have more clearance under the controls. In riding, either raised or stock height, the seat is noticeably more comfortable on any trips and cooler in warm weather. The raise is worth the effort, and the first one got sold with my previous ride was noticed by the new owner. He made one of a size to fit his wife for her seat too.
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