Hi from Perth Australia

Introduce yourself. Name, scooter type, where from, How long you have been an owner, etc...

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Hi from Perth Australia

Postby Robvk » Tue Jan 31, 2017 23:06 23

Hi All

Thanks all for righting many informative posts that have helped me with my recent purchase of an 07 Maj that I am now riding to work everyday 110k round trip, the advice given has been awesome and has assisted me to clean the air filters research a larger screen and confirm that the Dunlop tires will be changed before the winter.

So one question I do have is has anyone upgraded their front brakes? my bikes stoppers leave a lot to be desired, I have checked the pistons and they seem to be fine, I will replace the fluid shortly but they don't feel spongy just very ineffective and lacking feel. I really need to grab a handful if I want to stop in a hurry... I can change the pads see if that helps but was also wondering if anyone has upgraded the master cylinder from a larger bike I once put a fire blade master cylinder on my VFR750 and it worked a treat.

Thanks again

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Re: Hi from Perth Australia

Postby Sheda » Wed Mar 22, 2017 10:25 10

Hello from Princeton, British Columbia, Canada:

I haven't had my bike for too long, and the ice around here is just now starting to thaw out, finally.
My questions are more about where you live (if that's ok?) because I have an uncle who emigrated to Perth.
He was in the Navy and his name was Peter O'Connell; any chance that you might have come across him?

I hope you get your issues resolved with the bike, and enjoy the rest of the riding season!

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Re: Hi from Perth Australia

Postby rocky69 » Thu Mar 23, 2017 21:16 21

Welcome to the forum,from Ohio here
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Re: Hi from Perth Australia

Postby Robvk » Sun Apr 09, 2017 23:22 23

Hi Daniel

I have met a Peter O'Connell but he was a fitter on an oil and gas project so not sure if this was the same person guess he could have left the nave.

All the best

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Re: Hi from Perth Australia

Postby minimac » Mon Apr 10, 2017 18:44 18

If you try the sintered pads, keep an eye on them. Once they get 1/2 worn, they wear quickly and can damage your rotor. There usually is a marked improvement when you change the brake hose to a braided steel line. The rubber hoses start to deteriorate on the inside, even if they look good on the outside.
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